TSP Ventures are proud and delighted to lead the latest funding round into Wastewater Fuels, having previously led the company’s Seed round in 2022.

Wastewater Fuels is unlocking the immense potential of Microbial Electrolysis Cells (MECs) to develop and scale net energy positive wastewater treatment systems by harnessing the power of microbiology. These modular assets can be deployed on-grid or off-grid and treat wastewater to regulatory standards whilst converting the waste into energy. The energy produced is sufficient to power the treatment process and generate a surplus in the form of high purity hydrogen or electricity.     

Chris Smith, CEO at TSP Ventures said “We continue to be incredibly excited by this technology and its transformative potential. Recent news highlights the urgent need for a dramatic rethink in how we manage wastewater treatment. Existing infrastructure is failing us whilst being a significant energy drain on the UK grid. The MEC technology being scaled by Wastewater Fuels has the potential to resolve many of these issues and turn wastewater treatment from a liability into an asset. Since first investing in 2022, we have been impressed at the rate of technical progress made by the team and look forward to continuing to support them towards commercialisation.” 

Martyn Lathbury, CEO of Wastewater Fuels said “We all take wastewater treatment for granted, yet the technology we rely on across the globe was invented in 1917. Wastewater Fuels and our MEC technology is a 21st century answer to the growing problem of insufficient and inadequate treatment. We valorise the treatment process, transforming a societal burden into an opportunity.

Over the past two years, with the valued support of TSP Ventures, the Net Zero Technology Centre, UK Innovate, Severn Trent Water and the Ministry of Defence, we’ve assembled a talented and passionate team that has taken MECs from the lab to scaled up field trials.

Exciting times are ahead for Wastewater Fuels and the water sector as this long promised technology will soon be ready for commercialisation.”

For more information about Wastewater Fuels, visit: www.wastewaterfuels.com/