At TSP Ventures, we believe in the power of new, innovative technologies to drive decarbonisation across all sectors. It our mission to identify these technologies, invest in the them and provide our support in any way we can in order to give them the best chances of success. For us, this increasingly means focusing on hard science and deep tech, addressing some of our most pressing climate and environmental challenges.

However, we acknowledge that developing and deploying new technology takes time. Based on the current trajectory, global warming will continue well beyond the 1.5°C target and the real world consequences of this in the coming decades will be disastrous. It is therefore essential that as well as making sure we invest in the technology we need for a sustainable future, we also do everything we can to protect and enhance the natural carbon sinks that we already have. Put simply, we need to stop cutting down trees and destroying mature ecosystems and start reversing the damage we have done to our planet.

This all takes money and man power. In order to encourage and accelerate the right kind of behaviours and reallocate resources to where they are needed, we need to develop a system. We believe that a functioning, well-regulated carbon credits system is the best answer we have and whilst the market is moving in the right direction, there are still far too many people exploiting it for their own financial gain. We need more companies like Earth9.

Earth9 has been set up as social enterprise which means at least 51% of all of its profits are reinvested into more nature-based projects or supporting new technologies, in partnership with TSP Ventures.
Earth9 are highly selective in the projects they choose to partner with, making their selection based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These projects prioritise protection and restoration of our most lush rainforests and ancient peatlands over mono-species tree planting. As well as verifiably sequestering carbon, these projects also bring many co-benefits to local communities, providing them with food, shelter and income.

Earth9 operate completely transparently and only deal with globally recognised and verified carbon credits. TSP are proud to be a customer of Earth9 and their chosen investment partner. 

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