TSP Ventures are delighted to have led the seed investment round into ground-breaking technology company Wastewater Fuels. 

Inspired by work carried out by Co-Founder Daniel Carlotta-Jones whilst at the University of Warwick, Wastewater Fuels has taken significant steps forward in the technological advancement of Microbial Electrolysis Cells or MECs. MECs work by applying an electrical current to an electrode colonised with microbes. These microbes then treat organic matter, including all forms of waste and wastewater streams, whilst releasing hydrogen that can then be captured.

Christopher Smith, CEO at TSP Ventures said “We are incredibly excited to be backing a technology with such world-changing potential. Treating waste, particularly human waste, is a global challenge and a massive energy burden. However, these wastes contain vast amounts of energy which we could be utilising at a time when our energy security is in question. By harnessing the power of microbes, Wastewater Fuels’s patented MEC technology will be able to treat wastes whilst generating energy in the form of hydrogen. Whilst still early, trials give us confidence that electrical efficiencies far beyond those of any conventional electrolysis systems are achievable.

We look forward to supporting and helping what is an experienced, balanced and driven team of founders – Martyn Lathbury, Dr. James Stratford and Dr. Daniel Carlotta-Jones – as they continue to scale their technology and build their business.”

Martyn Lathbury, CEO of Wastewater Fuels, said “We are over the moon to have TSP Ventures join our journey. The guidance we’ve received from Chris, Mike and team has helped shape our vision for Wastewater Fuels and set solid foundations for rapid technology exploitation. Our goal now is to deliver the promise of MEC technology – zero emission hydrogen, produced adjacent to where the need for clean energy is greatest; and net energy positive wastewater treatment.
Our researchers and engineers are building hundreds of prototypes that push the frontier of energy efficient fuel creation and wastewater treatment. We foresee our modular and scalable system changing the world for the better, from lowering utility and fuel bills, to reducing the spread of disease and fighting climate change.”