TSP Ventures are thrilled to have invested in HiiROC, an incredibly exciting clean energy company.

The HiiROC team have developed a transformative way of generating Hydrogen at low-cost and with zero CO2 emissions, using a unique plasma process. The HiiROC solution is modular and so can be housed in small portable units or scaled into large industrial-scale plants.

Hydrogen currently has a number of industrial uses, but the existing methods of production either release vast quantities of CO2 or are extremely expensive and inefficient. The HiiROC solution overcomes both of these key barriers to wider spread adoption of Hydrogen. Instead of CO2, Carbon Black is produced as a saleable co-product, a vital component of printer ink and tyre manufacturing.

Hydrogen is increasingly being recognised as a clean, extremely efficient and storable source of fuel and energy. As we experience cleaner air, quieter roads and skies and a more general sense of what is important, we are optimistic that the HiiROC solution could be truly game-changing for our health and the health of the planet we live on. We are incredibly proud to be a part of HiiROC’s journey and thank the Founders for their continued hard work.