Matthew is a Scientific Partner at TSP Ventures, assisting the Investment Team in evaluating new opportunities.  His focus is on the scientific and technical inspection of these companies.

He graduated from ETH-Zurich in Physical Chemistry, and then got a PhD in Physics from the University of California, San Diego.  His thesis was on the electronic structure of strongly-correlated electron systems.  He went on to a post-doc at Ohio State University.

In his early thirties Matthew moved to London and became an equity derivatives quant.  After a few jobs he switched to commodities in the Commodities and Weather Derivatives Group at Rabobank and then became a trader. He also worked at a weather-focused hedge fund, running positions in agricultural products.  The fact that, even back in 2008, the impact of global warming was being included in the pricing of weather derivatives and insurance products was an eye-opener.

Matthew then moved to Santander where he worked for 10 years until 2019.  He had a number of roles in both Madrid and London as a manager of quant teams and running the Equity Derivatives desk in London.

He likes to garden, hike, cook, and is always reading.