About Us

Our Purpose

We invest in businesses who believe that enterprise should not just be for profit but should also serve the common good, improving the health of our planet and its people. This is what we call ‘Enterprise, People, Earth’ (EPE) and our purpose is to shift the global allocation of capital towards businesses with an ‘EPE Mindset’.

Our Approach: ‘Venture then Nurture’

We invest Venture Capital. We follow our investment with coaching and advice when requested. We call this approach ‘Venture then Nurture’. This advice can be a wide range of things from financial strategy, through executive coaching to business planning.

Once we are invested, we say to our founders, we are ‘in your corner’.

We want our investments to know that they can be open and honest with us and in return, we will give our help, support and advice both frankly and wholeheartedly. This will always come from a place of love and trust.

We help our investments with strategy, future capital raisings, business negotiations, connections,
hiring and Coaching but this has to be invited, we don’t want to interfere!

In short, ‘Venture then Nurture’ means that when we invest in a business, you will feel that you have a trusted partner, advisor and friend and that your chances of success are significantly enhanced.