About Us

What we do

We strive to bring our decades of collective business experience to bear in helping founders and companies grow into what it is they want to be. We do this through investment, advice and rolling up our sleeves when we need to.

We have lived through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, collectively negotiated and closed dozens of M&A and fundraising transactions, run large global teams across geographies and devised and advised on strategy for start-ups through to multi billion-dollar companies and everything in between.

We also have particular expertise in helping turn around and integrate businesses that are going through challenging times.

  • We invest capital
  • We support our portfolio companies with future capital raising
  • We provide strategic, business and financial advice
  • We help our portfolio companies with human capital development and Executive Coaching

How we do it

When we invest in a business we want you to feel that you have a trusted partner, advisor and friend and that you feel your chances of success are significantly enhanced.

Why we do it

We invest in businesses who believe that enterprise is not just for profit but can also serve the common good, improving the health of our planet and its people. In our small way, we want to influence the allocation of capital towards these businesses and help them to flourish.