Enterprise, People, Earth

TSP Ventures is a Venture Capital Firm supporting environmental and climate technology start-ups and early-stage businesses with capital, connections, coaching and advice.

“Our core belief is that businesses must serve the long-term wellbeing of people and of the Earth. We believe strongly that having a noble purpose and making money should not be viewed as mutually exclusive.

When we invest in a business, we believe that the advice we give must be the very best, the support we offer must come from the heart as well as the head and that helping early-stage businesses is a privilege as well as a responsibility.”

Chris Smith, CEO TSP Ventures

Enterprise, People, Earth (EPE)

EPE is our belief that the role of Enterprise is to serve the long-term wellbeing of People and the Earth.

Our purpose is to do everything we can to help founders and businesses with an EPE mindset succeed.

Our mission is to shift the global allocation of capital towards businesses with an EPE mindset and purpose.

Over time, this ‘EPE Effect’ will compound and we will transition to a more sustainable form of capitalism. Unbridled capitalism caused many of the world’s problems and a more balanced capitalism must cure them.

These businesses will heal our Planet, improve the lives of the People who live on it now and secure a prosperous future for those generations yet to be born.